Pediatric Dentistry

It is an age defined speciality that provides both primary and comprehensive
Preventive and therapeutic oral healthcare for infants and children through adolescence and for those who needs special health care.
A pediatric dentist would diagnose and treat oral diseaseĀ 
Diagnosis of oral habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting,lip biting.

  • Formulate treatment plans to restore oral health of pediatric patients.
  • Monitor growth and development of teeth and jaws.
  • Treat dental malocelusion which occurs during the growth period as a part of interceptive orthodontics.
  • Provide emergency dental care in case of dental trauma.
  • Treat pediatric patients under different levels of sedation and general anesthesia.
  • Diagnosis of malocelusion and oral habits like thumb sucking , mouth breathing , tongue thrusting , lip biting and finally advice on preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth of the children along with diet counselling and information on growth and development.


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